Music without Labels

Breaking into the music business has never been easy, even with all the persistence, passion and determination in the world. Record company deals are almost impossible to come by and jobs nearly as scarce. But without a deal, how can you get your music out there? How do you find the right people to get your career off the ground? Too often, the inexperienced are exploited and success depends more on luck than talent. That doesn’t seem right to us. At Cosound we believe everyone deserves a chance to develop and showcase their talent. So now there’s a better way into the music business: a simple peer-to-peer experience with no middleman, where talent and services can be directly exchanged, shared and bought. Whatever the genre, Cosound is the beginning of music beyond labels.

Music unlimited

Cosound is a phenomenal global network that will inspire your imagination, generate infinite creative opportunities and hook you up with kindred spirits all over the world. With virtually personalised development, you can dream it and create it on Cosound. Together we can do more, locally and globally, and the power of collaboration enables everyone in the community to create wealth and success for each other. If you need a killer marimba player to vibe up your track, you can connect with the best in Brazil. Looking for specialist DJs or MCs in cities closer to home? No problem. One love unites everyone on Cosound and together we’re creating music without boundaries and opening up limitless new ways to make music better together.

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