Struggling To Find Musicians? Here Are 5 Top Tips

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Let’s face it. There will be times where you need to find musicians to work with for a variety of reasons. For instance, you might have formed a band, but you need a new drummer. Or perhaps you’re after a specific type of group for an upcoming special event.

Although it’s not that hard to find musicians, it can be difficult to find one that gives off the right vibes. In some respects, finding a musician is similar to hiring someone for a job or even going out on a date!

Tips to find musicians
Musican playing a banjo


You have to ‘get on’ with the musician and have an excellent working dynamic with them. Music isn’t a mechanical process; music is about expressing emotions, feelings, and thoughts. With that in mind, you need a musician that is good at expressing themselves through their work.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that finding the perfect musician for your requirements is going to be virtually impossible. Except it’s not! If you’re still struggling to find musicians for your next band or project, these five top tips will help steer you in the right direction.

1. Be proactive in your quest

The act of finding local musicians isn’t as simple as putting an ad in your town’s newspaper and waiting for the phone to ring. You need to put some time and effort into your quest and be proactive when it comes to seeking out a musician.

Use your computer or mobile device to go online and check out places where musicians advertise their services. Cosound is one obvious example *wink wink* but you can also look at other sites such as JoinMyBand and even Facebook, believe it or not!

Bear in mind, though, that you should have some idea of the type of musician you’re looking for before you contact anyone. Doing so will ensure that you aren’t wasting anyone’s time.

find musicians

2. Be confident in your approach

When you start making contact with potential new local musicians for your band or event, it makes sense to be as confident with them as possible. But what exactly does that mean, you might be asking yourself?

For a start, you should know exactly what it is you want. Musicians are unlikely to work with you unless you have a clear direction. You must also state what style of music or sound you’re after in your project, so they can tell you if that’s something they can do or not. People also want to know they can trust you before they work with you, so it’s important to be honest and friendly in any interactions you have!

3. Always listen to examples of their work

Anyone can call themselves a musician. But it doesn’t mean they have the skill or talent to provide a valued service to others! That’s why it’s crucial that you take the time to listen to their previous work.

Ask if they have any examples you can listen to through websites like Soundcloud or on their social media pages. By listening to their work, you’ll easily gauge whether they have the skill, talent, and flair needed for your band or event.

When it comes to how to find musicians, the one cardinal sin you should never commit is agreeing to work with a musician without listening to their past work first!

find musicians

4. Go with your gut instinct

A potential new local musician might seem promising enough to become a new member of your band. But, what does your gut instinct tell you about him or her? Musicians might have the right skills and experience and could appear to be perfect for your requirements.

Still, if your gut instinct is telling you that something doesn’t seem right about them, you should listen to your inner voice. For example, they might have disclosed that their timekeeping is terrible or they perhaps get too wasted before a gig!

5. Make a shortlist of potential musicians

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to contact and shortlist a few different local musicians. One of the golden rules for people wondering how to find musicians is not working with the first and only person that ‘seems right’ for your requirements.

Musicians have unique skills and talents, and no two performers are the same. With that in mind, think about what you really need out of your future musician. Especially when there’s a requirement to do live gigs.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these tips to find musicians have helped you in your quest and you can now go and conquer the music industry. Good luck!



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