5 crazy things done by rockstars through the ages

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You’ve probably heard the legend of Keith Moon driving his Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool. The story goes that on the night of the 21st birthday, the infamous drummer from the Who took a Rolls-Royce for a swim into the hotel’s pool. While this sounds like the most badass thing a rockstar could do, the story is a myth that was born from the combination of two unrelated incidents. In one, Moon left the handbrake of a car off, which proceeded to roll into a waterless pool still under construction. In the second, he intentionally drove a vehicle into his muddy pond when the band refused to pay for it. 

As witnesses to the event remember, there was never any Rolls-Royce in the swimming pool of the hotel that night. While the party degenerated, it’s entirely possible that an inebriated Moon began to remember an incident that never happened. None of the other guests remembers a car being in the pool. So much for crazy rock music entertainment! 

However, the following 5 stories are all true and verified, and they can testify of the mad lifestyle of our favorite rockstars. 


#1. Keith Richards snorts his dead father’s ashes

Keith Richards now claimed he has gone almost entirely off drugs. But, as fans know, this was not always the case. Richards has always been keen to experiment, and his wild rock music lifestyle has given him plenty of opportunities. After the death of his father, Keith Richards kept the ashes with the thought of using his deceased father to fertilise the garden. However, as he opened the box containing the ashes, in 2002, he accidentally let some escape. Richards didn’t miss the opportunity to experiment with new flavours and claims that he partially snorted his dad’s ashes. The story doesn’t say if the experience reveals secrets about the afterlife! But given Richards unwavering health, we can only assume that it did! 


#2. James Brown pulls a shotgun on insurance employees

The day is September 24, 1988, in Savannah, Georgia. James Brown walks into an insurance seminar and threatens the participants with a shotgun. His reasoning? He doesn’t want the people to use the restrooms of his office, which is nearby. However, things take an even wilder turn when James Brown proceeds to engage in a car pursuit with the local police down Highway 20 and across the South Carolina line. The FBI reports also mentions that Brown drove around a police blockade. The report also says that Brown thought he had no choice because he believed that the police were going to kill him. However, with drugs in his system at the time of the arrest, it’s hard to get the real version of events.  


#3. Rock music legend, Tony Iommi sets Bill Ward on fire

Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi, recalls a prank gone wrong in his 2011 autobiography. The idea was simple: He wanted to spice up things by tossing a bucket’s worth of alcohol onto Bill Ward, the drummer. However, for reasons that nobody understands, Ward burst into flames which caused third-degree burns on his legs. An accidentally harmful prank or the risk of rock live events? You decide. 


#4. Slash uses a hotel maid as protection against an alien invasion

In his memoirs, Gun N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, remembers one episode of drug-induced panic that felt so real to him that he immediately jumped into action to secure his protection. The year in 1989. Slash is convinced that the alien from Predator is trying to kill him. Terrified and completely naked, he punches a glass door at a golf course in Arizona and proceeds to grab an innocent hotel maid, which he uses as a human shield against the imaginary alien. The story doesn’t recall the reaction of the maid, but chances are she wasn’t too keen on this rock music Predator’s craziness. 


#5. Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar on fire during live music concert

In early 1967, Jimi Hendrix is touring through Europe and trying to distinguish himself. In March at the London’s Finsbury Park Astoria Hendrix performs Fire. During the live music concert, he puts down the guitar by the amplifiers. With the help of Chas Chandler, they douse the guitar in lighter fluid and set it alight. The flames soar to 4 feet in height, burning Hendrix’s hands in the process. He finished the concert on another guitar before being rushed to the hospital. He will repeat the same stunt at the Monterey Pop Festival a little later in the year, suffering burn wounds too!  


Rockstars do lead a life out of the ordinary. Whether they are lost in the moment during a live music concert or feeling inspired by the energy of their favorite rock music, the list of crazy things some of our preferred artists have done never ceases to amaze! 


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