5 upcoming music promotion trends for 2020

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music promotion trends and predictions can be a tricky thing because there is no way to tell what is going to happen in the music industry. Even if you think you understand, the business has a way of changing directions at the last minute. Still, there are enough advancements in technology and patterns from recent years to try and predict music promotion trends for 2020. 

With that in mind, here are five of the things that we expect to see this year. These might be the perfect way for innovative and creative musicians to build a following.

#1  Traditional Music Labels Are Out

While major music labels might not be extinct, they aren’t as powerful as they were in the past. The reason for this is the rise of boutique indie record companies. More about the music and distribution than owning rights, these establishments offer musicians everything a music label does, such as promotion. However, you, the artist who makes the music, still owns the rights to the songs and albums. If there is a trait that big-time musicians have shown is essential in recent years, it’s the ability to own their masters. Being an “indie” musician is becoming more popular, and will skyrocket in 2020, as it gives you power and flexibility.

#2  Instagram Will Be The Main Social Media Platform

Why? It’s because social media platforms are changing the way independent musicians are paid. In the past, it was as simple as putting out a song on YouTube and waiting for it to go viral. Today, YouTube wants a bigger portion of the pie for promoting music, and that could cause most people to drop off and stop using the site. Instagram, for the moment, hasn’t altered its terms and conditions, meaning it will continue to shoulder the promo burden. Of course, it could all change if the ‘Gram decides to monetize, too.

music promotion

#3  Shorter Songs

Musicians of yesteryear would prefer to rock out for hours on end to please the fans. If you watch a live Foo Fighters’ concert, you’ll see this attitude in action. Modern musicians are less likely to make long songs for streaming purposes. The best way to promote yourself in 2020 is to target the many streaming sites, from Spotify to Apple Music and Tidal. As a result, it makes more sense for listeners to click on songs more to get a greater piece of the pie. Music that’s too long will find it challenging to do this, which is why tunes are expected to shorten in length.

#4  Music For Smart Speakers

2020 is going to be the year of smart speakers and smart appliances of all kinds. Although the likes of Alexa and Google Home came to prominence in 2019, they are a staple of most homes in 2020. According to one estimate, there are now more than 2 of these devices per house, on average. Therefore, using speakers for music promotion, as well as the companies’ other services, is bound to raise awareness.

music promotion
Smart speakers

#5  Amazon

The rise of Amazon. This a platform with plenty of money always looking to invest. They’re music services are growing rapidly and starting to takeover. Amazon could be a leading promoter for musicians since their tactic of ‘bundling’ is an effective way to reach more listeners. Take a look at what PCMag had to say.


Final Thoughts

So there’s 5 music promotion trends likely to stay for 2020. We hope you found this interesting and hope the trends stay true for the year! Take this guidance and go create some great music.


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