The best music production apps for iPhone

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Looking for the best music production apps currently in the market? Look no further. With 8 options in this article, even the fussiest musician will be satisfied!

Be glad to know there are a few excellent music production apps out there that you can use from your iPhone. Mobile music production is more common than ever, and the demand from artists is there. Know that there are both free and paid recording studio app options, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend on these apps.

#1  GarageBand

You can make new music from anywhere using the app GarageBand. The user interface is intuitive and uncomplicated so you can get right to work without having to feel confused or frustrated. Using this app, you’ll be able to create a full song with its virtual pianos, drums, voice recorder, and instrument loop. It’ll feel as though you’re in a complete recording studio and will make you sound like a pro.


#2  Steinberg Cubasis 2

Another mobile music creation system you should know about is the Steinberg Cubasis 2 app. While it’ll cost you, it’s a powerful solution to helping you to record vocals and create music. It pushes the boundaries, and you’ll be glad to see all the options it offers musicians from a mobile device. The outstanding, touch-optimized tools make recording fun and easy to do. Use the brand new features to edit, mix, and share your music with the world.

#3  Animoog

Animoog is another one of the best music production apps for iPhone that you should be aware of and consider downloading. It has excellent ratings from users because of its ability to help you expand your creativity and music-making abilities. It’s a best-selling app because of its library of comprehensive sounds and modular synth panels.  

#4  Figure and Take – Propellerhead

If you’re looking to produce new music and don’t have a lot of experience doing, so then you may want to consider using Figure and Take. The Figure app is a visually appealing app, and within minutes, you can be laying down a few simple beats. You don’t have to have existing production knowledge to grasp this app and get started making music. If you want to capture your vocals, then think about downloading Take. Use it to sketch out song ideas and record and share your songs with any of the other apps. A new feature of the app is that you can also import your own beats.

#5  Casio Chordana Play

Download the music maker app called Casio Chordana Play if you want a free way to create your music on the go. The app can help you learn a few basic chords and patterns using an onscreen piano. Invest a few hours playing around with it and learning songs, which will make a huge difference to you being able to produce great music. The ratings from users are excellent because it’s engaging and straightforward to use. You can even connect your own musical instrument to your smart device and practice anywhere and anytime.

Casio Chordana Play
Casio Chordana Play

#6  Voice Memos

Voice Memos for Apple is free and instantly turns your smartphone into a portable audio recorder. It has a new and modern design, which allows you to capture your sounds even easier. Take it a step further by fine-tuning your recordings using the trim, insert, and replace features. Record your vocals and then use the editing tools to perfect your music. Once you’re satisfied with the modifications, you can listen to your recording and share it via AirDrop, Mail, Messages, and more when you feel comfortable with the final product.

#7  n-Track Studio DAW 9

Consider using the n-Track Studio DAW 9 music production app for iPhone because it allows you to record and mix an unlimited number of tracks. It’s a complete digital audio workstation with built-in instructions and audio effects at your fingertips. You can choose to record and share your music with friends or jam with other artists by joining the Songtree community. It offers a pitch correction plugin and has a new Loop Browser so you can drag and drop audio loops into your n-Track project.  

#8  Beathawk

Beathawk is an excellent choice for aspiring electronic music producers and DJs. It’s one of the most ideal options if you’re looking for a “beat making” app. It sells for a reasonable price and offers additional in-app purchases. It’s one of the best music production apps for an iPhone because it’s packed with high-quality UVI sounds, instruments, and effects. 

Final Thoughts

You never know when the mood will strike you, and you’ll want to record new vocals or create new music on the go. The reality is that you won’t always be in a studio or on your desktop when you’re ready to produce your music. But at least there are plenty of different ways for you to capture your creativity!


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