How To Find A Recording Studio That Fits Your Style In London

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If you’re a musician who wants to take your career to another level and get your music out there, then you must work hard to find an appropriate recording studio that you can use. Not only do you have to find a recording studio, but it needs to be one that fits your style and music genre if you’re going to be successful with your music career.

Be glad to know there are steps you can take that will help you to narrow down your options and ultimately choose the right one for you. All you do will begin with your music first being adequately recorded in a studio before you can hand it down to a professional mixer and subsequent mastering engineer for the final touches.

Recording Studio
Recording studio

Do Your Homework

An excellent place to start is to do your homework and research possible recording studios in London. For example, if you have your own experienced engineer you want to use, then ask the studios you’re touring if they allow you to do so.

Once you have your list, you can begin to ask around and see if any other artists you know recommend a particular studio. Reach out and ask other bands where they record at and what their experience has been with the staff and producers. They’ll be able to offer insights into the overall experience, pricing, and qualifications of the producer. London has a lot of great recording studios so check out this article to see the top 5!

Meet with the Producer

Another useful tip when looking for a recording studio that fits your style is to meet with the producer and get a better feel of their experience and what benefits they will bring to your music. Come prepared to ask questions that are top of mind for you and try to see if their personality and approach meshes well with yours. You’ll want to find out if they offer editing and mastering services in addition to the recording portion, for example.

Seek out producers or engineers who are well versed and familiar with the style of music you’re producing. Match the producer to your genre of music so that you two have a better chance of producing the results you desire and building a strong working relationship. You can tell a lot about a studio by the staff and engineers who are working there and the outputs they create.

Listen to Examples of Work

One of the best ways to judge a recording studio and if it’ll be a good fit is to listen to examples of previous work. Hearing is believing and will give you the confidence you need to move forward with a particular studio. Even with average gear, a talented producer can make it work and produce great results.

Learn more about which musicians the studio has worked with in the past and works with now. See if these artists align with your style to help you better determine if it’ll be a suitable option for you. A studio can talk themselves up, but they have to be able to prove to you that they’re able to create music that gets noticed.

Listening to music

Request Trial Periods & Testing

You can also find a recording studio that fits your style in London by finding out if they’ll book a short slot for you to test out the equipment and producers. You’ll want to take advantage of these opportunities so that you can put the studio to the test and see if you feel comfortable working with the staff and gear. You’ll be able to listen back to the results and instantly tell if they were able to capture your style and sound correctly. Use this as a time to see if the studio space fits your needs as well. Make sure the facility you’re checking out can accommodate your size of group or band. You might be alright with a small studio if you’re a solo artist or are a small group of musicians.

Another critical aspect that you should be scoping out during a testing or trial period is the gear. If the engineer has quality skills and you mix it with high-quality gear, then you’re more likely to get the results you desire. See if they have extras available for your use, such as drums, pianos, and guitars, if you want to experiment with these types of sounds. Be aware that a good studio will have a wide selection of quality preamps and microphones for you to choose from and use. Not only will they have the right gear, but they’ll be skilled enough to know how to use it correctly.

Be Patient & Take Your Time

Avoid waiting until the last minute to go out and search for a recording studio that will fit your style. Instead, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to seek out the best fit for your music genre. Visit as many studios as possible so that you can compare and contrast experiences and pricing as you move from one to the next. Make a list of pros and cons for starters. Then outline what you do and don’t like about each studio on your radar.

Bring your band members or a friend with you so that you can get a second opinion and bounce ideas off of each other. It would be best if you had a studio that’s going to help turn you into a star instead of hinder you and put you at a disadvantage. If you struggle with patience (I know I do!) check out INC’s post to practice this.

Final Thoughts

Finding a recording studio that fits your style in London will take hard work and dedication on your part. It may not be a quick and easy process, but know that your efforts will pay off in the long run.

The last situation you want is to be wasting your time and money in a studio that can’t produce quality results and misses the mark with your sound and style time and time again. You want to make sure you choose a facility where you’re going to feel the most comfortable so that you can focus on producing great music. 


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