Free Songwriting Tips to Help Writers Block

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Songwriting can be challenging at the best of times, but when the block starts, the headaches do too!

A creative block or writer’s block is not a myth. It’s something that has always been around to plague creative thinkers. Indeed, the original concept dates back to as early as the 19th century. During this time, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge described the feeling as being like an “indefinite, indescribable terror.” More recently it has been connected to the idea of a creative thinker being cursed with a tortured soul. But the reality is that creative processes are always connected to uncertainty and require a level of experimentation. 

So, why is it only writers that tend to suffer from creative block? Most individuals will settle into a career that allows them to escape the process of thinking, almost completely. Writers are different. They are constantly required to unlock deeper levels of thought to reach their maximum potential and greatest accomplishments. 

Now you know why you might be experiencing a creative block, let’s figure out how to effectively solve it. If you are songwriting, there are a few paths to consider here. 

free songwriting tips

Create Your Own World 

One of the most popular and effective ways to tackle creative block is to build a brand new world or environment in your mind. Picture a scene that you know exists or create one from scratch. The place should provide you with a feeling of complete serenity. The tricky part is trying to understand what your senses can hear and feel in that environment. Consider which sounds fit and which don’t. Consider whether a sensation is major or minor. Creating a world like this can help you discover fresh ideas for your songs. 


Build A Storyline 

Songwriters are like any other type of creative thinker. A key goal they have is to connect with people and to produce something that has meaning for an individual, a group, or even the world. To do this, you need to make sure that you are in the right headspace. 

You can think about approaching this issue by creating a story. The story that you build and form can be anything. It can be a complete fantasy or it can be something based on the hard truths in your life. By creating a story, you will find it easier to discover a message or meaning behind a song. This will help you connect with your target audience. 

When you are creating a story like this, you can tap into your own feelings. Consider your emotions right now, at the moment when you are trying to create. Explore the experiences that trigger those emotions. Try to maintain that emotion as you write the story and develop the song. 


Explore Different Types Of Music

A common mistake a songwriter will make is to only listen to music that is directly connected to the songs that they are trying to create. This is like attempting to prepare a meal with only one or two ingredients. As well as making it more difficult to be creative, it increases the likelihood that you create something all too familiar. You need to be bold and expand your horizons when songwriting. Look at pieces of music and songs that you would never have thought to listen to before. Do this and you’ll quickly discover fresh techniques as well as concepts. You may be able to fuse these into your own creative process to produce something spectacular. 

You may even find that this leads you to create some new sounds. Timbres of sounds can lead to fantastic fresh ideas. You may even be able to use the sounds that you create for songs in the future and help build your own personal style.

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Explore Visuals

Did you know that some people can see the sound they hear? They can even taste or feel certain words. These people have synesthesia and it is a rare condition. They may even see abstract concepts projected in the space around them. Sound and visuals have been paired countless times before. Perhaps the most famous example is Disney’s Fantasia. By exploring visuals as part of your songwriting process, you can gain a whole new perspective of the music you are trying to create. It’s worth looking at cinematography as well as art displays because both could fuel your creative mindset. 


Go In The Opposite Direction

Finally, going the opposite path to one that you would originally travel during a creative process is another popular way to break through a creative block. For instance, if you constantly create music on the computer, try sitting down with a piano and building something up on this instrument first. 

We hope these ideas help you solve your own creative blocks when songwriting and that it allows you to deliver something incredible. 


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