How Can Festival Promoters Find New And Exciting Musicians 

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Being a festival promoter can be a fun job. But isn’t always an easy one. There’s a lot of pressure to ensure you’re able to pull off an entertaining event. The key to this is to find new and exciting musicians to work with.

It’s your chance to add a little flavor and uniqueness to your festival and get people talking. At the end of the day, everyone loves to discover new music whether its live music or music online!

Doing so will draw attention to your event and get people interested in attending. Is your dilemma trying to figure out how and where you can find these musicians? Then use the following ideas to your advantage as you work to secure the talent for your next event.

Reasons to Find Exciting New Musicians

As a festival promoter, it’s your job to organize the events, book the band or bands, and advertise in a way to bring in as many people as possible. In turn, this will bring in profits. Your event will be unforgettable when you can find new and exciting musicians to work with.

While sometimes having the popular talent makes sense, it’s usually better to bring on stage and highlight new bands and artists who will catch the attention of fans. You may end up finding a band that hits a chord with the audience and gets you more press and better reviews than if you continue to do what’s comfortable and easy. It’s unlikey you’ll start out booking a line up like this!:

Find Musicians
Coachella Line up


One aspect that makes you a good promoter and able to stand apart from the rest is that you know how to book the right type of talent. If the bands you book are a success, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Attendees will begin to view your festivals as unique and will look forward to seeing who you end up booking each year. The new bands are also likely going to promote your festival on their social media channels. This will help you to draw in more people and a new crowd.

Music unites people, it conveys emotions, and it energizes your crowd of attendees. It also creates memories for the music goers that they can take with them and cherish for years to come.


How to Find Exciting Musicians to Work with

There are several ways festival promoters can find new and exciting musicians to work with so that the event is worth attending. Being a good promoter means you do your homework and find out which musicians make music worth listening to and are gaining a lot of attention from fans. You also must be willing to think outside the box and take calculated risks. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.


  • Check social media pages and accounts and see how many hits, views, and followers they have and take a listen to some of their recent work and shows.
  • Request and advertise that you’re looking for submissions for your festival and see what type of interest you can drum up.
  • Attend other festivals and concerts yourself and make a note of how many people are there and if the audience enjoys the show. You may stubble upon a talent local musician
  • Spotify Discover & Apple Music – Great streaming services to help find new music
  • Use your relationships and network for input. Talk to people who you know and who work in the industry and see what ideas they have or who they suggest.
  • Cosound – Download our app and check out our services! We are home to musicians around the world looking for other musicians or bands, music producers and opportunities for gigs.


Bring more attention to your event by choosing bands that know how to create buzz. Mix up new bands you aren’t quite sure about with big headliners so that you can draw a crowd and see if the fans like the band.

Don’t forget that you’re interviewing each other, so it’s wise to evaluate bands on their pitch and ideas. Review their resume and experience and hear them out about why they’re the right fit for your festival. Look for bands that are willing to promote themselves and who have a strong following of fans who are likely to show up and participate in the event.

The Role Music Plays at Your Event

People are drawn to festivals for the food, fun, and socializing, but especially for the entertainment. Thought Catalog does a good job of explaining why music festivals are so fun. Music plays an essential role at any event, and it’s your responsibility as the promoter to ensure everyone has a good time, and good performers will help that!

New and exciting talent can make or break your outcome. The right bands and musicians will help everyone have an enjoyable time and will get people talking about your festival. You’ll not only be able to hang your head up high for pulling off an amazing event this year, but it’ll be easier to get people to attend the next time around.

The music, while also influencing the mood of the atmosphere, needs to reflect the event itself. Select bands and musicians based on your theme and what type of environment you’re trying to create. Without it, there’d be little to no energy and people likely wouldn’t stick around as long.

While big bands are more likely to draw a crowd and attention, don’t underestimate the desire for people to attend based on the fact that they want to scope out some new bands and hear fresh music.

Final Thoughts

As a festival promoter, you play a significant role in organizing the event and ensuring that people walk away happy. Working to find musicians and booking talent is an important job. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s the glue that holds all the other pieces together and helps make a name for your festival.

We hope you use these tips and guidance to help you find new and exciting musicians to work with. So then all you need to do is sit back and relax when the time comes for your talent to hit the stage.

Steve Allinson

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