How to find musician communities for music lovers

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Music is often mentioned for its therapeutic abilities. It soothes conflict and brings people together. So, it makes sense for music lovers to link arms and find musician communities where they can thrive.

However, it isn’t always easy to find musicians to join your gig or to collaborate on a project. It can be challenging to network and find musician communities to progress careers.

Music may be everywhere, only an app or a button away from listeners. But, finding musicians is another kettle of fish. That’s precisely why you need musician communities that let you reach out to the industry and make your projects happen.

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What are musician communities?

Simply put, a musician community is a community for musicians. They are networking groups that exist for the purpose of engaging with the music industry and its actors.


Who are you likely to find in musician communities?

Anyone from local amateurs who enjoy singing to professional guitarists to international producers.

Musician communities are dedicated to individuals who are active in the music industry. For example – songwriters, producers, engineers, designers, etc.

You’ll also find people who may not be directly involved in the music industry. But perhaps just want to find musicians for a project.


Why are they important?

You can join musician communities for plenty of reasons:

  • The communities provide  support to their members. They help build networks, connections and knowledge within the industry.
  • For newcomers – There’s often mentors or knowledgeable members around to provide solid career advice. Maybe even top tips on how to monetize their music.
  • For experienced professionals – it can be the perfect opportunity to discover new talents, find musicians and develop new projects.


Perhaps think of it this way:

Google search engine + LinkedIn + music industry = musician communities!


Where do you find musician communities online?

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat for all communities. The best approach for musicians or those who need to find musicians is to go online. The digital network for the music industry can be vast and confusing. But lucky for you, there are some reliable platforms that always deliver quality content and connections.


#1 Drooble: The Social Network for Musicians

Drooble is a social media platform created to help musicians promote their arts and works. Getting involved on Drooble is free. You only need to sign up and build a profile to get started. Once you’re a member, you can reach out to musicians and other music professionals.

Drooble lets you:

  • Listen to music, publish your work, and engage in discussions with other members.
  • A musician can find future gigs, get paid to provide online music lessons and find band members
  • Find like-minded people who enjoy their music.
  • Easily monetise your music
  • Benefit from premium quality support to promote your careers – such as radio broadcast or a professional EPK for PR.


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#2 Music Launch Hub

The Music Launch Hub is another free, global network for musicians. It aims to encourage musicians to develop their skill sets and move their careers forward.

It allows you to:

  • Connect with peers
  • Post productive and helpful content
  • Find support from the music industry
  • Explore new talents and genres.


#3 Traditional social media platforms

Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or vlogging are all valuable to establish your online presence as a musician. Creating a music profile for your band or your career is essential! It allows you to share your news and reach out to followers and fans. Not to mention, develop your connections within the music industry.

While social media platforms are not musician communities. They can provide similar services and help. There’s plenty of musicians out there that have been able to launch their careers using social media. So we recommend you get started!


#4 Cosound

Almost forgot about us? We hope not! We’re a music industry app thats been built with the goal of reshaping the future of music. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Find musicians to connect and collaborate with. Share your experiences with and support each other
  • For industry professionals – Showcase your services and build up your brand image
  • Music beyond labels – no record label? No problem! We provide a simple peer-to-peer experience with no middleman.
  • Talent and services can be directly exchanged, shared and bought. The marketplace is a great place to start exploring this.
  • Above all, Cosound has built a strong community, bringing together musicians from all over the world. So check out our community page and download the app to get involved!


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Where do you find musician communities offline?

While it may not be safe to meet face to face right now… The post-COVID world has many offline musician communities to explore.


Balanced Breakfast: Music Industry Meetup

Balanced Breakfast is a global community of musicians and music enthusiasts organised to make money doing what they love. It is free to join. And you can attend breakfast meetups all around the world to find musicians and industry professionals.

The team also provides activities such as live entertainment to support musicians and business services & planning to establish musicians’ careers. Balanced Breakfast combines both offline and offline activities.


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Meetup Music Groups in your location

Meetup music groups exist all over the world. They frequently meet to discuss the music industry, careers, and projects.

Under lockdown, many meetup groups have turned to video conferencing. This allows them to contiune to share their passion and maintain their networks.

These are free to join you’ll be happy to hear! So start reaching out to groups for sure. Here’s some tips for how to make sure you make the right first impression and find what you’re after.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide can help you to reach out to other artists and industry professionals. Whether you’re trying to monetise your music or discover new talents. There is plenty to gain from musician communities.

Steve Allinson

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