5 Challenges When Finding Musicians To Start A Band With

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Wanting to start a band is an excellent goal to have, but there can be many challenges when finding musicians. It’s a significant roadblock that can cause some frustration and have you wondering if you’ll ever be able to actually start playing music.

Be glad to know that you’re not alone! Many bands discover that it’s quite difficult to find musicians for their band. It’s not only about finding musicians but finding the right ones for your particular sound and style.

Educate yourself on the top five challenges when finding musicians to start a band so you can hopefully work around and overcome them as you begin your musical journey.


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#1  Lack of Contacts

When you’re trying to find musicians to start a band, you may come to realize that lack of contacts is your first dilemma. You may not know who to turn to or ask for help and where to find the best people for the job.

If you’re new to the scene and haven’t had a chance to network much and meet new people, then you may struggle even more to find musicians to join your band. It can be hard to break into the industry as it is and even harder when you don’t know anyone. One of our recent blogs on networking should be of use to you!

Begin learning more about who you should get to know and the places you should be hanging out so you can start to formulate a network of contacts who may be able to help. If someone catches your attention, then find someone who can make an introduction for you.

Once you find and know the right people, your job of putting a band together should become less of an obstacle.

#2  Using the Wrong Methods

Another challenge you might face when finding musicians to start a band is that you’re going about it the wrong way and using the wrong methods. You may assume it’ll be an easy task initially and become discouraged when it takes longer than you were expecting.

The wrong way to go about it includes finding people who are already in several other bands, are freeloaders or who won’t take it seriously. Maybe even the heavy partier who seems fun but may end up being a problem child. You probably don’t want to end up having a moment like this!

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Instead, put up an ad at your local music store, check local rehearsal rooms, take group lessons, or use the Internet and social media platforms. Using the wrong methods may cause you to attract the wrong type of people and have to start all over again.


#3  Failure to Put Yourself Out There

Be vocal, speak up, and let people know what you’re up to when you’re trying to start a band. You might want to consider attending open mic nights and jams so you can begin to build up your network of contacts. Try to join a musician community to find likeminded people.

If you want to connect with other bands and people at a show, wait until the member is actually available to talk before approaching. Interrupting someone is pretty much always a bad idea.

It would also help if you considered attending local shows and workshops as a way to put yourself out there and spread the word.

Continue to extend your network and take advantage of online tools to see who you may already know or friends of friends who may be talented musicians.


#4   Personality & Compatibility

One critical factor when trying to find musicians to start a band with is the personality and compatibility component. You can’t just pick anyone for any role in the band. You need to select the best members who will raise the brand value of the band as a whole.

Avoid only looking for someone who seems fun and outgoing because sometimes a person in the band can cause big damage to the success of the band.

Take the time to interview potential candidates and make sure everyone involved has a good feeling about the person. You’re going to want someone who you can talk openly with about creative differences and approaches to making music.

Choosing your best friends may be tempting but think about how you’re going to do when you’re feeling stressed out, and you begin to clash on ideas and are having disagreements.


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#5    Musical Abilities

You can find musicians to start a band by holding tryouts and seeing who has the talent and musical abilities to meet your needs. You’re likely not going to have a lot of extra time on your hands to teach someone else how to play music.

If you’re serious about starting your band right away, then you’ll want someone on your side who does what they do well.

If you’re a studio musician or seasoned performer, you’re going to have less patience for a band mate that has limited skills. It’s important to be open and realistic about ambitions and your own talent.

You may want to think about agreeing ahead of time about the genre you’ll be playing and sticking to so that. This ensures it doesn’t become an issue later on when you’re trying to choose what material to play and record.

It’s wise to get on the same page right from the beginning about what your goals are for the band and how you’re going to structure and manage your group. Worried about how you may come across to your peers? Take a look at this article by Get The Gloss for some top tips in vocal training and confidence.


Still Struggling finding musicians?

Check out Cosound’s Facebook Community page! it’s a great place for people in the music industry to get together, share their work and experience, network and dicuss their thoughts. If you’re serious about finding band members, make sure you download the app too.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the biggest challenges you’ll likely face when you’re trying to find musicians to start a band with. It’s in your best interest to be aware of what these are so that you can do your best to avoid struggling to put your band together.

Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only person who is struggling to put together a band and that these common challenges prove that it can be a difficult task.

Start early because it’s going to take time and patience until you’re able to formulate a group of band members who you feel comfortable playing with and will be the right fit.

Stick with it, and it won’t be long before you have your band together and you’re playing music on stage for a crowd of enthusiastic fans.

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