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what we're building

we're on a mission to build the world’s best app for independent musicians and industry professionals.

For talented musicians around the world, we believe that succeeding in the music industry requires three things; connections, knowledge and access to high-quality products and services.

We’re building a space that elevates creativity, allows for safe collaboration & knowledge exchange, whilst also giving our community the ability to transact with other industry members through a music industry marketplace.

who is cosound for?

We believe that the music industry is large and diverse. Here are some examples of who we’re building for.


I’m a student who needs to complete a World Music composition assignment. My university has limited world music instruments and few people with skills to play them.

I will use Cosound to connect and collaborate with musicians from around the world to play on my track.



I am 16, and I produce grime music from my bedroom. Potential collaborators that I’m exposed to through friends’ networks and online aren’t interested in my genre.

I will use Cosound to find like minded producers in my area, and to sell production services so I can fund my music career.



I’m a singer who is looking for a producer to record my music. I can’t achieve the right ‘sound’ with the producers friends have recommended to me or ones I have found using search engines.

I will use Cosound to connect with producers who share my vision. I’ll also use Cosound to find someone to promote my music.


session musician

I work as a session musician, a function musician, a performance and vocal coach, and I write for other artists. I want to be a successful independent artist and earn a living from touring and releasing my original music.

I’ll use Cosound to access music services, whilst ensuring that I retain retain ownership over my music. I’ll also use Cosound to sell more of my skills to others to help me fund my own career.



I am an ex-music industry executive. I left the music industry to focus on family. I want to get back into the industry by setting up my own independent label as a side project.

Due to work and family commitments, I can’t always attend live shows to scout artists so I will use Cosound to do this more efficiently. I’ll also use Cosound to look for and manage music industry freelancers.


studio owner

I run a recording studio in central London and specialise in Funk, Soul and R&B. I often lose out on jobs that would be suitable for me because I’m not good with SEO and marketing and am not ranked highly on search engines.

I’ll use Cosound to list my services and use their easy optimisation features to ensure I appear in search results.

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